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Finnish Spitz - Pate
White Rhino
Akita - Ozzy
Finnish spitz - Pate
Flying foxes

I'm Anna

In my childhood, two passions were driving me: Drawing and animals. Most of the time, you could find me scribbling on paper or furniture, or getting acquainted with Poland’s local wildlife. I played with stray dogs and cats, and even brought some home to the despair of my mother.

Taking care of animals remained, but the urge of making art faded slowly away. Too many times, I have heard, you can’t make money with art, learn something decent. Yet, I haven’t given it up.

Primarily, I made language learning and travelling my main life objective. I was born in Poland, however, I spent most of my childhood and young adolenscene in Germany, then I moved to UK, and settled finally in Finland.

I have to admit that art has become a blurry background of the past. Only when studying to become a teacher, I caught fire again in drawing and painting. Indeed, I enjoyed so much, that I kept on practicing it.

Now, I pursued my art passion. In particular, I love to paint animals, capturing their love and silliness.


How about we choose a nice picture of your beloved furball. I could draw or paint it, a gift for yourself or for someone important?